Comfort and technology – Meet the Copa Star Hospital

With the luxury of a 5-star hotel and the technology of the most expensive healthcare centers in the world, the Copa Star Hospital inaugurated in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous Brazilian metropolitan cities on the coast, with seven floors and more than 20,000 m² of occupied area. The building had an investment that surpasses $10 million and had a construction period of three years nonstop.

So, what is included in the Copa Star Hospital and what does it bring to the Brazilian community?

First of all, Copa Star is no simple hospital. Built by the D’Or São Luiz Corporation, it was designed to be exactly the opposite. With high technology and modern equipment, the facility was made to accommodate people with high standards or patients with disabilities that need special care and attention. Because of the construction of this hospital, now these types of patients won’t need to relocate themselves to another metropolitan city just to have a special service with guaranteed security and functionality. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The patients have a lot of control and autonomy because of the technology in their bed that is available to them from the start. With that, they can turn on and off the lights or open and close the curtains, among other functions. The hospital also gives an iPad with their app that allows patients and their families to directly request attention from the doctors or nurses as well as request something to be delivered in the room. This kind of practicality is not found everywhere.

The hospital is not closed to people with lower income just because it is more luxurious, to the contrary. Hospital Copa Star has built itself a system to offer comfort and higher technological equipment, but all kinds of people can be treated in this hospital through Brazilian health plans that let the community receive high-quality treatments just by paying the monthly fee for that program. This plan is what they call “convênio medico.”

The staff that works in the hospital is also of higher standards as well. The building’s developers made sure to hire the best professionals and specialists, from doctors to managers, to ensure the patients get the service they are looking. The hospital is not only about superior technology but about delivering a quick and efficient treatment to their patients.

With over 550 collaborators that made the completion of the building possible, more than a hundred of those professionals are specialists in the medical area. The company that made it possible, D’Or São Luiz, is not stopping at Rio de Janeiro and will soon be initiating an expansion to the Brazilian metropolitan centers of São Paulo and Brasília.

The hospital has cultural tastes as well. Since its inauguration, the investors have decorated the corridors and rooms of the building with over 213 decorative pieces. This ornamentation adds to the atmosphere and tranquility of the Copa Star Hospital. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

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