The Grand Review Of The Serial Entrepreneur, Mr. Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned avid entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a corporate executive. The trained accountant is among well-respected entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani has over three decade’s investment experience in hospitality industry. The award-winning hotelier has also co-ventured in Sussex Healthcare. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP and the managing partner as well as the director of The Splendid Hotels Group.

Career Background

Mr. Shiraz Boghani originated from Kenya before migrating to the UK in 1969. In the UK Boghani joined a Chartered Accountant firm and trained as an accountant. Later, he began working at KPMG (then known as McLintock $ Co). Shiraz Boghani started his investment in the hospitality industry in the 80’s. He co-founded the Sussex Healthcare, a UK-based care and support home.

In Early 90’s, Mr. Boghani directed his entrepreneurial skills to the hotel sector. He pioneered in the idea of hotels branded with limited services in London. Since then he has over 25 hotel projects involved in this concept. Through his excellent management skills, Mr. Boghani has been involved in many exciting projects in the hotel industry. His good rapport with prominent and credible financiers has enabled him to invest in many projects. Recently, he launched the first class Hilton London Bankside worth € 121 million.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani dedication and commitment in the industry saw him win the prestigious Hotelier of the Year Award at the Asian Business Awards, 2016. This award marked the climax of his exceptional work at the helm of Splendid Hospitality Group. The group owns over 25 hotels including Conrad London St. James, The Grand Hotel & Spa, and the Holiday Inn in Wembley.

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Sussex Healthcare

Founded in 80’s, Sussex Healthcare offers a variety of quality personalized services for older people, physically challenged adult and people with learning disabilities. Equipped with 24 home cares, with over 500-bed capacities and thousand staffs, Sussex Healthcare has continued to provide exceptional services to its clients. It focuses and specializes in services like physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Also, it provides care for dementia, neurological, palliative, respite, adult, and daycare among others.

For many years, Mr. Shiraz Boghani has been committed and played a vital role in his community. The visionary leader has been an ardent supporter of various charitable organizations including Agha Khan Foundations. Mr. Boghani has been an active leader in the Ismaili community and has served as the community chairman.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Gives Hope to Those Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has blazed a unique trail in his chosen profession of dentistry with his specialty in treating sleep disorders with dental devices. It is a growing field thanks to his efforts and the patients who are being cured of serious sleep problems can attest to this as they utilize this innovative approach. The pioneering work that he’s always engaged in continues to this day as his reputation is bolstered by this niche specialty.

Sleep apnea can have wide-ranging effects on its sufferers and they could include a deterioration in one’s physical appearance and the potential for greater consequences in long-term health. This disorder is characterized by pauses during sleep which disrupts the rejuvenating and restorative effects that sleep should be producing. The look on one’s face could indicate a lack of quality sleep if baggy, tired-looking eyes are prominent and dark circles are also present. The risk of premature wrinkling is greater if this condition is not alleviated and even more serious risks could be in play.

The treatment of conditions like this has been a part of Dr. Weisfogel’s career from his earliest days as a dentist. He has developed a passion for exploring how dentistry can be used to help patients overcome sleep disorders. The primary method that he uses is customized dental devices which ensure an open airway during sleep for patients.

His pioneering work has paid great dividends for those patients that he’s successfully treated and his reputation has grown substantially as a result of his unique role in dentistry. He has helped advance the craft by broadening the services that are provided and patients are the greatest beneficiary. The compliance rate of those who use dental devices is higher than standard treatments as they are less cumbersome and easier to wear.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters and they help dentists establish the treatment of sleep disorders in their practices with world-class marketing. It is a win-win for dentists and patients alike as those with serious conditions find substantial relief and dentists are able to increase their business. The career of Dr. Weisfogel continues along its successful, innovative path.

Waiakea Water Begins a Revolution with the First Ever Degradable Plastic Bottle

Waiakea water is a Hawaiian water brand corporate founded in the year 2012. The Waiakea brand produces bottled water through bizarre, sustainable means that maintain a positive impact on the environment and its people. The company’s founder, Ryan Emmons, led the path to create the first fully degradable plastic bottle. As a result of the natural accessibility of the Mauna Loa volcano, Ryan took the opportunity to develop an ethical and healthy alternative to a crowded industry. Waiakea water is the first of its kind bottled waters and beverages in the creation to be certified Carbon Neutral.

Waiakea volcanic water brand uses the original energy of volcano’s to create ingenious water bottles. Waiakea works encompassing solid water and happy customers for quick bottling process and the addition of essential minerals. The Waiakea high-quality water brands are not only available in the united states but also across the world. Waiakea water fanatics know that they are luxuriating in Hawaiian Islands and water produced to perfection. In 2017, the Volcanic Bottled Water Label appeared number one on the top ten list of the best volcanic water brands.

In addition to the eco-friendly and socially conscious foundation, Waiakea partnered with Pump Aid organization. The partnership has distributed several hundred million gallons of water in recent times, with leadership and the ability to sustain these efforts without limit. The kind act has offered a way to access clean, safe water and sanitation to more than one million people across the Africa continent. The Waiakea partnership has also established more than three thousand water pump designed by Pump Aid based on an ancient Chinese design.

The Waiakea brand is an endurable, sustainable resource, derived from the water level of over one billion gallon recharge rate. The Waiakea facility bottles with a 33 percent of renewable energy. This lasting aspect of the water also highlights in the manner of packaging. Unlike numerous operative companies that choose the Triple bottom line conception of considering the manufacturing organization social and environmental repercussions along with its commercial growth. The Waiakea foundation follows the philosophical principles as part of its mission statement.

The Renowned UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

There is nothing that motivates us like a story of a successful entrepreneur. It gives us hope of making it. One of the most influential men in the entrepreneurship world is Louis Chenevert. Most business persons are even using his policies to govern their businesses. Here is popularly known because of his role in the UTC as the CEO.

Louis before UTC

He was born in Quebec. He then later schooled in HEC Montreal, where he acquired a bachelor degree in Production Management. He then worked as a Production General Manager in General Motors for 14 years. He later worked with Pratt & Whitney. They realized his potential and based on the change he had brought; they made him CEO. Louis was then hired as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is currently the Exclusive Advisor with the Goldman Sachs merchant banking division.

Although Louis Chenevert quit working with UTC. He is still a valued member of the organization. This is because he made a significant contribution to the company. They are still benefiting from the high standards he set for the business. He also made decisions and strategies that help the company till to date.

Louis Chenevert was a futurist. He believed in investing in future-looking technology. He saw this as a way of maintaining the economic levels of the states. He was also keen to invest in human labor. Whenever he noticed engineers in an unproductive site, he always took them in a location that their skills were useful.

Louis is also an environmentalist. Due to the concerns of global warming, he sorts to reduce the greenhouse gases and water consumption. This increased the market of the products. Louis urged other institutions to do the same.

Final Verdict

Louis Chenevert is legendary as a result of his great works. He has inspired very many generations. His working methodology was unique and always bore fruits. The current UTC CEO employs his strategies. He also believes that investing in the future ensures that the company’s success is constant.

Louis Chenevert works have been acknowledged severally and rewarded by numerous organization.

How Agora Financial Helps Individuals in Investing

Agora Financial is a non-profit publication firm that branched out of Agora Inc. The company was established in 1979 to provide free publications to individuals and organizations. The content of the journals offered knowledge on economic commentary and analysis. Agora Financial has its offices located in Baltimore Maryland. Over the years, the printing firm educated readers of their journals on how to protect their wealth. It provides information that entails companies that are rapidly growing in the market. Readers can access their data through online books, videos, online seminars, e-books and international conferences and Agora Financial on Facebook.


The Publication firm purely depends on itself in offering services to its consumers. The company recruits competent individuals who are experts in their field of work. Agora Financial employees comprise of geologists, bond professionals, self-made billionaires, scientific journalists, filmmakers, fund managers, authors, bankers, and editors. The workers ensure that the content of their publications is up-to-date and beneficial to their customers. Employees visit several parts of the world to obtain bold financial predictions, which makes their articles more reliable to over one million readers. The art of honesty and integrity by the workforce of Agora Financial earns the company an incredible reputation in the field of finance. The editors never accept incentives from institutions that seek of airplay and


Agora Financial entails experts who have the knowledge and skills in forecasting the economy. In the past years, the company predicted the rise of the value of several commodities including gold, oil, personalized medicine and regenerative medicine. The firm encouraged its readers to invest in the products before the merchandises emerged in the market. Agora Financial prides itself on being the leading transmitter of commercial media. The company receives positive reviews from organizations, authors, and individuals who use their journals. The printing firm features in several books, newspapers, and magazines and resume their.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund- Supporting Civil and Human Rights Groups

When we talk about human and civil rights groups, do we really mean the same thing or there is a difference? Let us interrogate this matter further.

Civil rights are like political rights. They have more to do with how people interact with their governments. Civil rights vary depending on the law that is passed in a country. Whatever civil rights apply in one country do not necessarily mean that it’s applicable in another country. For instance, countries which practice democracy give more attention to civil rights than countries which do not.

Also, there is more attention by the people of that country to ensure that these laws do not limit their abilities to play a part in the democratic governance. In democratic governments, the people have the powers to choose who they would want to represent them. In such kind of a country civil rights such as the right to vote matters a lot.

Some civil rights include; right to vote, freedom of political expression, and freedom of speech or expression. Civil rights try to regulate the amount of power a government can have over the people. Civil rights give people the power to determine how thy ant to be treated. If they are not satisfied by the government that is on the throne. They can remove it through the process of elections. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

On the contrary, human rights are common to every person, unlike civil rights. The main human right is the right to life. Human rights are supposed to apply to all nations and all people in the same way. Human rights are established as part of the international law, and therefore no country has the option of not following them. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

They were passed by a common decision of the United Nations General Assembly of 1948. Human rights cover the basic human needs that make live sustainable for the human beings. They are based on moral ideals. Human rights apply in the same way for all people regardless of the color or nationality of an individual. There is no way how some rights should apply to some at the expense of the others.

Although there is that difference between the two, the agenda that is pushed by both is the same. The intention is to have a society that applies equity, fairness, and dignity as a means of life. Most of the time rights organizations under the two categories usually come together to address the issues that are plaguing the society.

The intention is to fight societal ills that bring unfairness and conflicts among human beings. Some of the internationally recognized groups that fall under these categories are; Amnesty International, UNHCR, Human Rights Watch and Human Right Action Center.

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund

Most organizations which work under the banner of human, civil or migrants’ rights have one thing in common; they are nonprofit organizations. This means that they do not have the money to fund their operations and activities. Most of them depend on donors and other entities of good will to support them.

In Arizona, there is one such donor by the name of Frontera Group. This is an organization that funds other organizations to carry out their activities. Frontera Fund was started by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.