Dick DeVos – Article Recap

The FAA’s civilian board has a fresh face. Dick DeVos, husband to the U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, was recently appointed to the Management Advisory Council. All appointees are volunteers and come from different backgrounds in policymaking and aviation. Many of whom have known of Dick DeVos due to his history as the President of Amway and his involvement in the remodeling of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Until a few years ago, there was not much to really love about the Grand Rapids International Airport. It was falling apart in early 2000s. Many attribute Dick DeVos for being the reason that the airport was not closed down. In fact, it just finished a $45 million makeover that will reveal a new food court, business center, and terminals in 2018.


DeVos is the former president of Amway, as well as the current founder and CEO of Windquest Group. Those business accomplishments do not nearly define the man. You have to also count in his love of aviation. He is an avid pilot and has several licenses to fly all types of aircrafts, including his own jets and helicopters.


That passion also dips into education, which is fitting for the husband of the US Secretary of Education. His work at the aviation charter school at the Grand Rapids International Airport has created more opportunities for young people to enter the aviation workforce as pilots, engineers, and flight control administrators.


DeVos contributed his business leadership to the turnaround of the airport, talking to Air Tran Airways in the early 2000s about ways to increase the airport’s growth and also provide economic opportunities to Air Tran. The company soon after opened more terminals. When the company was purchased by Southwest in the later 2000s, DeVos made a phone call to the CEO to talk about the possibilities if Southwest did the opposite of what it was doing in so many other airports. As part of the takeover, it was shutting down hundreds of terminals. DeVos wanted to prevent that from happening to the Grand Rapids airport.


It’s one of the reasons that Jim Gill, CEO of the Gerald R. Ford airport, said of DeVos, “Dick will be a tremendous asset to the FAA Management Advisory Council. He has deep roots in aviation as a pilot, and he is an outstanding partner with our airport.”


His ties to the Gerald R. Ford airport do run deep, but his love for his hometown shows in the many ways that the family foundation has contributed to cultural and healthcare centers throughout the city, including the DeVos Performing Arts Center.


Public and private sector aviation and transportation government leaders are also joining the Management Advisory Council. Phillip Trenary, CEO of Pinnacle Airlines, also joins the board.


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Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is a New Jersey-based doctor who specializes in general surgery and pediatric surgery. During his 42 years of experience as a surgeon, he has consistently challenged the status quo in order to bring better health to his patients. Dr. Saad has always been focused on reducing pain and risk in the surgeries he performs, and he is also altruistic – he has made four medical missions in the United States, and eight to Jerusalem and the West Bank, performing free complex surgeries on children whose families would not have been able to afford those surgeries without his help.


As a part of his commitment to improving the safety of surgery, Dr. Saad has created two very useful inventions that reduce surgery time and any potential complications associated with pediatric surgery. He has patented both of these devices. His first patent is a catheter with a location identification device embedded in it. Medical catheters are tubes that are frequently inserted into the body of the patient during surgery. They provide many functions, such as draining fluids and allowing for easier use of surgical equipment. The problem with catheters, however, is that an X-ray is required to ensure the catheter has been placed in the right location. Dr. Saad’s invention solves this problem, which keeps the risk of dangers caused by radiation down.


Dr. Saad’s second patent is an improvement on endoscopy. Endoscopes look inside the patient’s body without requiring a scan, but the view can frequently become fogged up or otherwise disrupted. Dr. Saad’s invention adds a suction-irrigation device to the endoscope, ensuring that liquids will not disrupt the view during surgery. Without this invention, endoscopes had to be taken out and an irrigation tube inserted whenever bodily liquids obstructed the view of the endoscope. The frequent removal and insertion of endoscopes and irrigation tubes was time-consuming and risky. Dr. Saad has used this device in his own surgery to large success, and it has become popular with other surgeons. Learn more: https://www.meridianhealth.com/location/meridian-faculty-pediatric-surgery-eatontown/index.aspx


Dr. Saad graduated from Cairo University Medical Hospital in 1971, and since then has been helping children all over the world. He is board-certified in pediatric surgery as well as general surgery. He specializes in thoracic surgery as well as laparoscopic Surgery. He has been honored by being named an AAP Fellow and an ACS Fellow. In his care, he focuses on providing the same amount of support and medical treatment to each patient that he would to his own children. Dr. Saad collaborates with other doctors, as he believes that taking care of a child is a team effort, and the expertise of many doctors combined creates the best environment of care for his patients. He is also affiliated with many hospitals.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction: Man of Fashion

Ryan Seacrest is an iconic figure in Hollywood, and it goes without saying that his sense of style is highly recognizable. Mr. Seacrest launched a venturous men’s fashion line back in 2014. The collection is sold exclusively through Macy’s. It offers clean lines, valiant colors, and remarkable fabric patterns. The array of suits, dress shirts, tuxedos, outerwear, and accessories appeal to men that appreciate affluent style and bravado. Mr. Seacrest aligned the collection closely to his personal style that we have come to admire via talent series American Idol and at posh red carpet events.


Ryan Seacrest is in the limelight on many occasions. Staying impeccably styled and groomed is a part of who he is. Mr. Seacrest worked closely with his personal stylist from fashion house Burberry, Christopher Bailey. Mr. Bailey provided him with a tailored, close-fitted wardrobe throughout his latter Idol years. Mr. Seacrest admits to feeling empowered and confident in the customized clothing. He was aspired to create that same polished experience for today’s avid shopper, at a nominal cost. Hence, he created his signature line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The line is appropriately named, boasting distinctive style and panache.


The illustrious radio host of ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ established his new line with Macy’s Department Store. The store houses many fashion brands and looks forward to a long-term relationship with the top 40 radio host. Ryan Seacrest makes it easy for gentlemen to create sharp, styled looks without leaning on a professional couturier of sorts.


Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection will grace over 150 Macy’s locations nationwide. The brand is projected to reach $50 million in sales in 2018. Mr. Seacrest’s sophisticated, impressive look was a great segway to ushering in the much-anticipated fashion line. Ryan Seacrest remains on top of his fashion game personally and professionally with the advent of his Distinction collection.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Respond with Harsh words to Arpaio’s Pardon

In 2007, while attempting to make a name for himself, former sheriff Joe Arpaio illegally arrested a Mexican citizen who was visiting the United States legitimately on a tourist visa.

This incident eventually led to Joe Arpaio being charged and convicted with criminal contempt of court. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

Although Arpaio was convicted in a court of law, months before sentencing, Donald Trump offered Arpaio a Presidential pardon. Arpaio accepted.

Victims of Arpaio out absolutely livid. Joe Arpaio has been terrorizing Arizona for decades. His victims finally thought they would see justice served, but Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio of all his crimes. Two of Arpaio’s victims, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin recently spoke out about the travesty.

“Rex Tillerson was right, Donald Trump is a moron.” said Lacey in reference to Trump offering the pardon. Micheal Lacey believes the fact that Arpaio was only charged with criminal contempt of court is proof that the justice system is completely broken.

He was a terrible sheriff, a terrible jailer,” Larkin began. “But he was a great f—–g politician.” he said of Arpaio’s ability to be elected even though he was incredibly corrupt. “I think he was the precursor to Trump.”

Who are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin?

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the former co-owners of The Phoenix New Times and the current owners of Front Page Confidential. The duo are not only in the business of owning publications, they are also journalists themselves.

They began their careers together after dropping out of college post-success of their school newspaper. The duo had such great success with their school paper that they decided to try their luck in the real industry. Their gamble paid off. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were just doing what good journalists do: exposing corrupt politicians and making sure they get voted out of office.

The Phoenix New Times discovered that Arpaio may have been hiding assets for tax evasion reasons and immediately published it in their paper. This instance, along with other articles exposing Joe Arpaio led to Arpaio sending his deputies to illegally arrest Lacey and Larkim.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued Maricopa County and Joe Arpaio for first amendment violations and went on to win 3.75 million dollars in restitutions.

The settlement, along with money from selling The Phoenix New Times, has enabled them to create Front Page Confidential and The Frontera Fund: a newspaper and a charity.

By utilizing these two new organizations Lacey and Larkin hope to correct the injustices committed by Joe Arpaio and other politicians like him.

Securus Technologies Makes Inmate Communications Safe for Everyone

Being from Generation X, I have witnessed technology evolving rapidly over the past few decades, and there is no exception for communication technology among inmates, which can be dangerous. Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is revolutionizing the way that inmates communicate with the outside world, making sure that they use their communication devices for the right reasons. Securus Technologies allows inmates to use computers, tablets, and even their own personal cell phone devices for research, communication, and keeping up with the outside world. In order to make all of this communication safe, inmates are supervised by a Wireless Containment Network, which controls every single aspect of outgoing communication within prisons. Most people don’t understand why unsupervised inmate communication is dangerous to all of us, but an example was demonstrated on an ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson back in 2010.

For a short time on March 5th, 2010, it was a regular day like any other for Robert Johnson. He got up to go to work as he usually does around 5:30am and shortly after that his life changed forever. His door was kicked in and he was assaulted in his home–shot six times at close range and left to die on his bathroom floor. Although doctors told his wife he wouldn’t live, she refused to give up hope and put her trust in God. Robert Johnson survived that horrible ordeal and is alive to tell us his story today.

Robert Johnson almost lost his life due to inmate contraband in the form of a cell phone. Inmates at the prison he worked at used the cell phone to hire a contract killer (who also happened to be an ex-convict) and paid this killer a sum of $6,000 with a reloadable Greendot card. This near-death experience motivated Robert Johnson to become an advocate for putting an end to communications contraband among inmates. He now works for Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies has been providing paid calls for inmates in Florida for a long time. The company has built a Wireless Containment Plan that blocks cell phone calls from prisons. The system works as a powerful cell phone network–it attracts outgoing calls and messages, then decides what to do with them. The containment plan allows Securus Technologies to decide exactly what and who inmates have access to, as well as gives them the ability to monitor these communications, making inmate communication with the outside world just that–communication and not a public safety hazard.

The Wireless Containment Plan that is implemented by Securus Technologies not only protects corrections officers, but people like myself also. The general public is at risk from illegal communications from these violent prisoners as well. A nine-month old baby was shot in his mother’s arms because inmates wanted to retaliate on his uncle–a hit that was coordinate through cell phone contraband. Securus Technologies has been working to implement these Wireless Containment Plans in prisons throughout the United States to protect the public and other inmates. Their containment plan has blocked over 1.7 million illegal calls throughout the nation. I sleep better at night knowing that companies like Securus Technologies are working hard to keep my community safe.