Securus Technologies Makes Inmate Communications Safe for Everyone

Being from Generation X, I have witnessed technology evolving rapidly over the past few decades, and there is no exception for communication technology among inmates, which can be dangerous. Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is revolutionizing the way that inmates communicate with the outside world, making sure that they use their communication devices for the right reasons. Securus Technologies allows inmates to use computers, tablets, and even their own personal cell phone devices for research, communication, and keeping up with the outside world. In order to make all of this communication safe, inmates are supervised by a Wireless Containment Network, which controls every single aspect of outgoing communication within prisons. Most people don’t understand why unsupervised inmate communication is dangerous to all of us, but an example was demonstrated on an ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson back in 2010.

For a short time on March 5th, 2010, it was a regular day like any other for Robert Johnson. He got up to go to work as he usually does around 5:30am and shortly after that his life changed forever. His door was kicked in and he was assaulted in his home–shot six times at close range and left to die on his bathroom floor. Although doctors told his wife he wouldn’t live, she refused to give up hope and put her trust in God. Robert Johnson survived that horrible ordeal and is alive to tell us his story today.

Robert Johnson almost lost his life due to inmate contraband in the form of a cell phone. Inmates at the prison he worked at used the cell phone to hire a contract killer (who also happened to be an ex-convict) and paid this killer a sum of $6,000 with a reloadable Greendot card. This near-death experience motivated Robert Johnson to become an advocate for putting an end to communications contraband among inmates. He now works for Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies has been providing paid calls for inmates in Florida for a long time. The company has built a Wireless Containment Plan that blocks cell phone calls from prisons. The system works as a powerful cell phone network–it attracts outgoing calls and messages, then decides what to do with them. The containment plan allows Securus Technologies to decide exactly what and who inmates have access to, as well as gives them the ability to monitor these communications, making inmate communication with the outside world just that–communication and not a public safety hazard.

The Wireless Containment Plan that is implemented by Securus Technologies not only protects corrections officers, but people like myself also. The general public is at risk from illegal communications from these violent prisoners as well. A nine-month old baby was shot in his mother’s arms because inmates wanted to retaliate on his uncle–a hit that was coordinate through cell phone contraband. Securus Technologies has been working to implement these Wireless Containment Plans in prisons throughout the United States to protect the public and other inmates. Their containment plan has blocked over 1.7 million illegal calls throughout the nation. I sleep better at night knowing that companies like Securus Technologies are working hard to keep my community safe.


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