Meet Daniel Taub; the Israel Diplomat with Expertise in International Law

Daniel Taub is one of the successful Israel diplomats in the world. He has experience in international law where he specializes in laws of war and counter-terrorism.

Taub was born in the UK and moved to Israel in 1989. Taub is highly learned as he attended University College, London, University College, Oxford and Harvard University. He gained much knowledge on international law, and that has helped him throughout his career as a diplomat. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

When he moved to Israel, he began his career working at the Israel Defense Forces. He worked hard and earned a position in the IDF’s international law department as a reserve officer. He was later on promoted to work in the foreign ministry where he held many legal and diplomatic positions. Due to his expertise, Taub also wrote speeches for President Chaim Herzogand represented Israel in many diplomatic forums.

As a diplomat, Daniel Taub was active in the Israeli-Palestine peace process. He also represented Israel in the Israel-Syrian negotiations.

In addition has served Israel before the UN Investigative committee on various issues such as the Gaza flotilla incidentand had a varied diplomatic career before he was appointed to be Israel’s ambassador to the UK.

When Daniel Taub assumed the office of the ambassador to the UK, he focused on improving trade between the two nations. Among other initiatives,  Taub started a competition; Bizcamp, in collaboration with Google and worked hard to see that the two countries enjoyed a mutual relationship that resulted in business growth and improved trade. In three years, there was an increase in trade to $8 billion between the United Kingdom and Israel.

Daniel Taub was actively involved in strengthening UK-Israel communities. He taught Hebrew and Bible classes at Westminster and Church of England Synod. Also, he participated in outreach programs that had a positive impact on the UK-Israel communities.

Taub is also a writer who majorly centers on the Middle East and Israel the Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, The Guardian as well as The Timesand lectures on International law and negotiation theory.

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