Paul Mampilly: Bubble in the Cryptocurrency Market

Over the last year, the electronic currencies which are referred to as cryptocurrencies have gone from an incredible niche industry to one who has had values in excess of $800 billion. Instead of being something that only hobbyists pursued it became something that many investors were incredibly interested in a very short period of time. Many of the people who invested in these cryptocurrencies less than one year ago have experienced returns on their investment that are in excess of 1000%. Obviously, such performance for these investments has generated incredible interest even from mainstream sources such as Wall Street. Visit to know more.

For this reason, Banyan Hill Publishing Company, one of the leading producers for investment advice columns, has recently asked all of their leading investment advice experts their opinion on the trends that are occurring in the cryptocurrency markets. Banyan Hill Publishing Company has published the work of Paul Mampilly for a number of years. Paul Mampilly originally gained a reputation as a successful investor during his time working on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly decided to eventually shy away from working on Wall Street in order to help every day Americans with investment by producing investment advice columns. He has recently published his viewpoints on the trends that are occurring in the cryptocurrency industry.

Paul Mampilly states that he sees the formation of a huge bubble in the cryptocurrency sector. This level is incredibly similar to the same one that occurred in the technology sector of the stock market in the late 1990s and early 2000 of the United States of America. While there are many individuals who have gained significant returns on their investment in the cryptocurrency industry over the last year all mentally believes that the market is poised to crash significantly in value in the near future.

As an investor in the stock market in the late 1990s, Paul Mampilly sold all of his stocks prior to the crash of the market. He cautions his readers who hold a significant investment in the cryptocurrency industry to do the same in order to minimize potential losses. While he does believe that many of these cryptocurrencies do represent a potential investment that could generate positive returns he believes that the technology is still too dumb to be considered a stable and reliable investment. Paul Mampilly believes that it is important to choose your investments after doing a large amount of research in order to ensure that you are not simply throwing money away.

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William Saito on Enhancing Cyber Security

William Saito Hiroyuki has defied all odds of being born to immigrant parents to grow up and become one of the most successful Japanese American investors. The businessman was born on 23rd March 1971 in the city of Los Angeles, California. He invests capital to startup companies and small enterprises that wish to expand. Saito believes that persistence and learning from failure are crucial skills for success. He has displayed excellent negotiation skills especially in the sale of his first company(I/O) to Microsoft.

Saito was already learning about computer programming in his teenage years. While still a student at the University of California, he started a software company called I/O. It created technologies like a service to show Japanese characters in English and a biometric recognition that uses fingerprints. After selling the firm, William moved to Japan and founded InTecur, a technology and cybersecurity consulting company.

Due to his expertise, he is an esteemed advisor to both the Japanese government and the private sector. He was contracted to offer IT and Technical assistance to the national committee looking into the Fukushima nuclear disaster. He was the chief advisor of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and other ministries on matters of cybersecurity. Saito has served as an advisor on the boards of firms like Japan Times. He also served as a strategic advisor to Japan Airlines from 2015-2017.

As far as William Saito is concerned, there are so many myths surrounding cybersecurity. Some of the myths include the notion that “cyber risk” is in a different category of risks. He says that as long as it can cause a distraction, it has the same weight as all other risks. Most people consider it a digital security problem and think that protecting oneself of these cybersecurity-related problems is enough. Internet security is not confined to just one person but a circle of several users.


Another first-degree myth is that using antivirus software is enough. Hackers have come up with ways to destabilize antivirus software and install their attacks in a system. Feeling embarrassed about getting hacked and keeping quiet for fear of judgment is a misconception that should be done away with. William also warns that everyone is susceptible to hacking and minimizing the use of the internet only increases vulnerabilities.

Kamil Idris Addresses China’s Attitude towards Intellectual Property Laws

Globalization has slowed down national intellectual growth according to Professor Kamil Idris, the former director general of World Intellectual Property Organization. He has served as the Secretary-General of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants and is a respected member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague. He attended the University of Khartoum where he was awarded an LLB honor and the University of Geneva for his Ph.D. in International law. The prominent diplomat with various honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 Institutions. He was born in Sudan where he began his career in the United Nations Office. He is an expert in intellectual matters and has published several books and journals on this content.

Professor Kamil Idris, while being interviewed by Venture Outsources said that piracy and lack of boundaries on the nature of the internet are the most obvious challenges that face WIPO in this globalized era. He mentions that WIPO is coming up with its unique patent data to introduce to the internet and limit infringement. Kamil is in favor of establishing an international patent agreement to speed up the process of patent amalgamation that is limited by patent inconsistency between nations. He views economic value as an instrumental element in countries recognizing the significance of Intellectual Property laws.


Kamil Idris observes that some countries like China are reluctant on enforcing Intellectual Property laws and in a recent post on Medium, the professor debates whether the United is finally putting Pressure on China to take Intellectual Property Rights seriously. Many United States entrepreneurs have been pushed out of business by Chinese manufacturers who replicate the brands that are protected by trademarks and sell them at a lower price than the original business owners.


Professor Kamil points out that the tough stance displayed by the Trump administration is slowly pushing China towards enforcing Intellectual Property rights. Unlike the Obama administration that preferred negotiating bilateral trade, the trump administration intends to press heavy excises on China’s export to pressure China to exert Intellectual Property laws. Some economic analyst like Scott Kennedy says that this approach is weak, but professor Kamil says Trump’s move is working, even if it is at a slow pace. Most China experts concur with Kamil’s views and say that copying and piracy of the western ideas are declining and Chinese manufacturers are keener on developing their unique products and protecting them with Intellectual Property laws.

Sean Penn Discusses Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

You might know Sean Penn from such critically acclaimed films as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Milk and Mystic River but, lately, the 57-year-old actor, filmmaker and political activist has been moving his career in a different direction. He can now add author to his resume as Penn recently released his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Vogue recently met up with the fledgeling novelist to discuss his inspiration for the book and where he plans to go with his career in the future. In regards to the book, he explained how great it is to have something that is all his own and to have the creative liberty to do whatever he wants with the material. He went on to talk about how he got tired of having to work with others in the film industry and so the book frees him up to go his own way and let his individuality shine through.

And he’s not done yet. In the interview, he revealed Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff will not be his only novel as he already has another in the works. While he does plan to continue acting, he does not currently have any film projects in the works at the moment. The book first began as an audiobook narrated by Penn himself, Frances McDormand and a whole cast of talented actors. The book comes across as a satire of American life and has come under fire for the thinly-veiled criticisms of the Trump administration. In one scene, Bob writes a scathing letter to this Trump character.

In another scene, five police officers get shot in Texas and the titular character views it as a representation of the role in which the media plays in our society. Many of the book’s elements stem from Penn’s recent dissatisfaction with the film industry and desire to get away from the bright lights of Hollywood. He has said his novel is not intended to be an opinion piece and should not be perceived as such. His writing style may not be for everyone but that’s exactly the point he’s trying to make.


Clayton Hutson Helped the Kid Rock Tour

Since Clayton Hutson has been helping people with musical opportunities, he’s learned the right way to orchestrate different events. He always works hard to show people they can get better and their shows will continue being the best no matter what they do. For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping artists like Kid Rock is giving them a chance to see they can perform even better than they used to. He always tries helping people so he can show them that their music has so many opportunities to keep getting better. He always wants to make sure people see him as someone who can truly help them with the music they make. He’s an engineer and spends a lot of time working to figure out which music will work best in each situation he’s in. His effort works to help people with different tastes. From Kid Rock to the Chainsmokers, Clayton Hutson knows what to do to make their music better. Learn more:


Now that Clayton Hutson completed the tour with Kid Rock, he received a huge thank you. It was one of the best tours Kid Rock ever went on and Clayton Hutson knew he did things the right way. Clayton Hutson liked giving people a chance to try different things and knew there were opportunities he could use to make things better for all the people he worked with. Between the hard work he put into things and the options people had to be successful with their music, Clayton Hutson knew just what to do to make things better.


No matter what Clayton Hutson did to help Kid Rock and other artists, he knew there were things that would keep getting better for all the artists. He also knew things would keep changing for those who used the right kind of performances. Clayton Hutson liked people to see he could do things and liked everyone to realize they had someone who was truly helping them with all the issues they had. Clayton Hutson gives back in different situations and that helps him make the right choices for the music he always likes performing.


Precision Medicine, Says Paul Mampilly, is the Hope for Investors and Patients

According to Paul Mampilly an investment advisor and editor of “Profits Unlimited” newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Precision medicine is going to be the most profitable investment in the near future. He observes that precision medicine is going to bypass all drugs, medical devices, and vaccinations efforts even if they were all combined. Furthermore, it will revolutionize healthcare’s way of dealing with diseases. Paul Mampilly identified a mid-western company that is leading the charge in precision medicine saying their efforts will make it possible to treat current illnesses that are incurable. Visit the website to learn more.

Getting into the science of it, precision medicine involves looking at a person’s DNA and coming up with a medication that is specific to his genetic makeup. This will enable the medical practitioner to come up with custom-made medical interventions that rely on an individual’s DNA preventing diseases from spreading. He quotes diseases such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, and diabetes, all of which could be wiped out with the new technology.

Depending on a person’s genes, doctors can determine medications and treatments that will keep a given disease away, as well as if a disease is already set in, which treatments and medications will be effective to overcome it. Investors may be wondering how such a large industry involving a lot of companies is being called revolutionary by Paul Mampilly. Read this article at

Paul Mampilly says the mid-western company is the one to invest in because it has brought together some of the best scientific minds around the world to work in its facilities. He adds that the company is one of the leading firm in the industry in molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing in evaluating the likelihood of a person developing a particular disease. They, in turn, develop the best tailor-made drug therapy that a person will respond best to. To be specific, the company is interested in various forms of cancers, for instance ovarian, uterine, breast, and prostate, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

The mid-western company has been identified as Myriad Genetics (MYGN) in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a personalized medicine and diagnostic company dealing with sale and processing of cancer risk tests that identify specific cancer variants. Myriad Genetics tests show how a disease has progressed and treatment efficacy. Although their tests are not only for cancer screening, they show mutations that increase a person’s chances of developing cancer which is countered by early-stage interventions. Since Paul Mampilly announced this in September last year, the company stocks then valued at $1.5 billion have risen to a value of $2.2 billion.



Drew Madden And The Battle For Healthcare Dominance

There is currently a battle brewing between a current healthcare giant and one of the largest companies on the planet. The battle between these two companies could decide the future of healthcare for hundreds of millions of people across the United States. And one of the leading experts in the healthcare industry, Drew Madden, is positioning his company to benefit no matter who wins.

According to a recent article in, the current health care battle pits pharmacy giant CVS against ecommerce leader Amazon. Right now, CVS is the in the midst of buying Atena in a blockbuster $69 billion dollar deal. Many people believe that the deal is taking place to prevent Amazon from making a disruptive move in the healthcare space.

Recently, Amazon shocked the grocery industry when they acquired Whole Foods. That announcement sent all other grocery chain stocks into a freefall. With Amazon slashing prices at the normally expensive Whole Foods, analysts see the same thing happening to the pharmacy industry.

Right now, the cost of drugs is cost prohibited for many people. And Amazon has the pricing power to force drug companies to lower their prices. Recently, Amazon had obtained permission to begin selling prescription drugs in several states. Several analysists see this as a tell-tale sign that the e-commerce giant will soon buy a major pharmacy chain or begin filling prescriptions in some other manner.

One of the people closely watching the events folding between CVS and Amazon is the healthcare IT executive and entrepreneur Drew Madden. For over a decade, Mr. Madden has been innovating the healthcare IT industry. And no matter what happens between CVS and Atena, Mr. Madden will have his company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, ready to capitalize on the situation.

Prior to his position as a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden was the President of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016. In that time, Mr. Madden was able to grow the company from just a handful of employees to well over 700 staffers. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Mr. Madden will position Evergreen Healthcare Partners to lead the way.

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