Medicare reckon Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrator of Innovacare inc. Penelope Kokkinides have held much important health cares related positions in the medical domain. Penelope Kokkinides hold a bachelor degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University. She also has a Master’s degree in social work from the New York University. Due to her passion for tackling community-based problems she pursued a post Master’s advanced degree program in alcohol and substance abuse. She is also a graduate of Columbia University school of public health with a Master’s degree in public health. She has led in many organizations as a senior manager.

She worked as the chief operating officer and the vice president in Centerlight Healthcare. In Touchstone, she worked as the chief operating officer. In Americhoice she was the vice president for Disease Management and Care Management, a separate unit of UnitedHealth Group. Penelope Kokkinides was focused on implementing a healthcare payment model at UnitedHealth care group. She worked as the CEO in Innovacare and later returned to the organization in 2015 as the chief administrator of the healthcare. The goal of Innovacare, where Penelope Kokkinides is a chief administrator is to provide quality healthcare to its patients.

Invacare to the part in Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) which began in 2016. LAN is a private-public partnership which is directed at leading the United Nations health care system in embracing payment models. Invacare expects to shift in alternative health care payments models and is embracing the LANs objective fully. LAN is found suitable in setting up a public-private partnership payment model in the United States health care system.

Penelope Kokkinides have over 20 years’ experience in Medicare and Medicaid management. She has experience in developing clinical health programs and before implementing the Medicare objectives using the available resources.

On April 2017 Penelope kokkinides was received in the state house by President Donald Trump. She took the opportunity in addressing the Puerto Rico health care service delivery difficulties. During her speech, she said the people of Puerto Rico needed a savior to save them from the pressing hardships in health care system. She suggested that to tackle the problems the government need to increase its funding in healthcare department. Penelope Kokkinides said that failure to solve the healthcare crisis in Puerto Rico Island would see many residents moving to the United States. The cost of mediocre in the United States would be three times expensive according to Penelope Kokkinides. During the meeting president, Donald Trump commented that women in the meeting represented many health professionals, nurses, doctors, and caregivers. This is personnel entrusted with the essential role of handling the United States healthcare system.


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