Meet Paul Mampilly, the man behind Profits Unlimited

If you have interests in successful investment, you may have heard of Paul Mampilly. He is famous in the investment world as a professional investor based in America. He has been featured in many channels talking about how one can invest successfully. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.


Profits Unlimited is a newsletter that has attracted a large following and was founded by Paul Mampilly. Today, it has more than 90,000 subscribers and followers. Mampilly comes from India, but he is based in the United States where he started living at a tender age. He has interests in the sector of finance and investment. His experience comes from the many years of working with Wall Street where he gained over twenty-five years of experience in investment.

The successful investor began his journey from a humble background when he worked as a portfolio assistant. Later he worked with other international organizations like the Royal Bank of Scotland and other private institutions. Paul Mampilly has also been on the forefront providing investment ideas to those who want to excel in the field. He has invested successfully, and that is why he has the knowledge and ideas to help others succeed. One of his investment histories is investing in a drug manufactured by Serepta Therapeutics where he gained notable profits.



He continued making other investments and choices, and he would make his investment decisions by various trends in the markets. During these years he acquired vast knowledge that he uses today to advise others who want to make wise decisions for their investments.


Why has he been successful in what he does? Paul Mampilly is always dedicated to what he undertakes, and this makes him stand from the crowd. Apart from that he also has the experience of having worked with as a hedge fund manager for numerous organizations. Due to his successful work, he has won awards like Templeton Foundation competition. He also has been invited into various TV channels like Bloomberg TV and Business News to give investment insights.


He started Profits Unlimited, and through it, he encourages and educates potential investors. He teaches those interested in stocks, and many have benefitted from his insights. Follow Paul on Medium.

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