Ann Scango Believes Making Mistakes is Part of Being Successful

Austin, Texas has long been known as the land of the weird, wild, and wonderful. A cultural oasis in the heart of central Texas for music, food, and art. The city has given rise to many musicians and artists who have changed the landscape of not just Texas, but of the country, and in some cases the world with their creative works. Recently, one of the most prominent of those creative folks is visual artist Ann Scango, known for her highly complex and textually engaging works, she is a proud member of the “Austin Weird Army” and is not only out to create a new way of presenting art, but also a new way for those who experience art to understand it.

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While she admits that it took a long time to get herself financially profitable form her work, it was alright. Ann Scango didn’t exactly relish the times that she was the true embodiment of the term starving artist, but now that she has achieved the level of success that she has gained she sees the struggle was worth it. Ann Scango claims that every piece that she works on reminds of her of her early days as a child when she would spend half her time in her mother’s garden, playing in the dirt and enjoying those warm Texas mornings in the sun, and then would rush inside to spend the rest of the day sketching and drawing with her mothers art supplies. She credits her mother with being the driving force behind her choice to pursue a creative career.

Ann is the founder and sole proprietor of the Scango Collection, a gallery in Austin which features not only her own work, but works that are in the similar vein as her chosen realm. Ann Scango is excited to help new artists find their path, and also to help established artists to introduce themselves to a new audience. For those artists that are looking at finding their own path to success, be that in the form of money or just in the satisfaction of knowing that they have created something new, interesting and unique, she has this advice. “Make mistakes, don’t be afraid of them, in fact, make them on purpose every chance you get, they are the way that you learn, the way that you grow, and the way that you become the best you can be.”


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