Jeremy Goldstein Gives Back to a Reputable Organization

Jeremy Goldstein is an extremely well known individual in the law community. His law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, specializes in cases about CEOs and management teams in relation to corporate governance and executive compensation. He has academic degrees from highly accredited universities, and presently sits on the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. In order to help the greater community, Jeremy Goldstein recently hosted a pair of Wine Dinners to support the Foundation House.


A recent article on the website Patch describes the Foundation House. It is an organization that supports individuals with mental illness. It was founded in the 1940s in New York City, and has since grown in scale and impacted the lives of countless people across the country. The goal of the Foundation House is for those with mental illness to get a job and begin to live on their own. The organization has a proven track record for the huge impact they have had in the community.


Another article on the website PR Newswire discusses the success of Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner. The event was hosted alongside Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, whom are known as wine chairs in the community. Across two separate dinners, the events rose $56,000 for the Foundation House. Jeremy Goldstein believes that bringing brilliant minds together, while supporting an important cause, is a worthwhile endeavor for him and his friends.


Overall, the wine dinner was a complete success. Foundation House received a substantial amount of money that will be used to further their goals in making lives better for mentally challenged individuals. Jeremy Goldstein and his friends are very respectable people, who have helped countless in the law industry. Their resources when combined with the Foundation House’s outreach, is a recipe for success. It is always important to give back to the greater community and remember the people around us everyday.


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