Igor Cornelsen Share His Investment Advice In Order To Benefit Others

Entrepreneur Igor Cornelsen owns and operates a financial services firm in Boca Raton, Florida, called Bainbridge Investments. He is from Brazil where he spent decades as an investment advisor. His educational background is in both engineering and economics. He says that his engineering background has been a huge asset to him in the financial industry because he is able to make quick work of complex calculations.

He worked for a number of Brazilian banks in executive-level positions such as Multibanco and one that was London-based. He started his own investment firm in the 1990s where he invested in Brazilian companies as well as internationally in markets such as the United States and the European Union. His investment strategy is to move money from countries he sees as having declining economies and moving this money to other countries where he sees great economic opportunities.

The only news source that Igor Cornelsen will follow is Reuters. He says that they are the only non-biased source of news in the world. Especially when it comes to investing, reading biased sources of news will lead to very bad decisions. He says that this especially holds true if you are investing in a company for the long-term. He also suggests that new investors learn about economics so that they can understand the overall economic picture.

Another suggestion the Igor Cornelsen has made to people is to start as early as possible in life. He says that one of the greatest advantages young people have when it comes to investing is time. They have decades for their portfolios to grow in value. He suggests using investment gains to invest in other opportunities people see in the stock markets. Over time the money people accumulate will equal a huge amount of money just like he has been able to earn.

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