Mergers and Acquisitions at Talos Energy LLC

Earlier this year, Talos Energy and Stone energy went into an all-stock transaction merger. The agreement was effected following the approval and adoption of the deal by most of the Stone Energy Corp. After the fulfillment of all necessary customary closing requirements, the transaction was closed between the two parties.

Following the merger, Stone Energy closes all trades on its common stock at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The two companies will operate under the name of Talos Energy Inc.

Moreover, Talos Energy Inc. takes pride in a deep understanding of geological and geophysical fields; as well as vast industry experience. Additionally, it relies on a highly skilled team of more than 100 regional employees, who are committed towards the success of the firm. Through its expertise in the sector, Talos enjoys an extensive presence in the industry.

Furthermore, Talos Energy Inc. has recently completed transactions on the acquisition of Whistler Energy. The acquisition presents significant benefits to the two companies. Whistler Energy gains the monetary value of about 100 million dollars. Paying a net cash of about 14 million dollars, Talos benefits from an acquisition metric of about 9,333 dollars for every net Boepd. Nevertheless, Talos enjoys the acquired assets including the maximum working interest set in Mexico’s Central Gulf in three blocks. The lease agreement operates under the production segment.

According to the Company’s CEO and President, acquiring Whistler Energy is a great step since the firm matches Talos’s level of producing assets. Talos buys assets with low entry costs, production facilities with untouched capacity and consequently present new opportunities in reputable hydrocarbon-prolific regions.

Based in Houston, Texas, Talos Energy Inc. primarily deals with innovations aimed at the exploration and production in the recovery of valuable resources otherwise deemed unreachable. Such resourceful assets are mainly found in the deep and shallow waters adjacent to the already existing infrastructure in the areas of operation. Its operations mainly serve the utilities and telecommunications industry. The Company seeks to extensively explore, exploit as well as acquire resources in the Gulf of Mexico and the Coastal Gulf areas. It heavily relies on sizable database programs coupled with techniques in proprietary processing to run its operations.

Ted Bauman and his valuable contributions to the society.

Ted Bauman is a philanthropist living in Atlanta. He is an editor at The Bauman Letter. He has a reputable academic certification. He obtained postgraduate degrees in economics and history from the University of Cape Town.

Ted Bauman has helped individuals to live a self-employed life by the utilizing the available resources. He has previously worked at low-cost housing projects, where he served as the funding manager. He founded an initiative known as Slum Dwellers International. The foundation has helped some individuals across the globe.

Ted Bauman is a specialist in asset protection and owns full expertise in investments of low-risk. As an author, he has published an article about the users of cryptocurrency. He offers worthy counsel to cryptocurrency users.

Early 2018, he together with Ian King, discussed what they termed as crypto assets. One of the issues that emerged from this dialogue was individuals who buy or sells modernized goods and services in other currencies, make a taxable profit or loss.

Ted Bauman, through his article, stated that majority of investors in bitcoin investors acknowledged that they had evaded paying taxes through their cryptocurrency deals. Some even admitted that they did not plan to pay their taxes henceforth. A federal court in 2017 gave an order to Coinbase to name out individuals and personal information of individuals who were to undergo vetting.

They were to be penalized and charged some interests. Being an advisor in cryptocurrency topics, Bauman has come up with various tips to aid its users.

Some these guiding tips include; all the transactions pertaining cryptocurrencies are taxable, Form 1099 should be filled by individuals transacting goods in cryptocurrency that are more than $600.

Computation of profits and losses of the market value of cryptocurrency should be done at the time of purchase and a business deal should not be considered a 1031 exchange. If the cash from the sale of the cryptocurrency is used to purchase another cryptocurrency.

He also recommends that officials of cryptocurrency should always note down each business deal taking place and report to Form 8949.

Brazilian Agricultural And Textile Products Distributor Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the President and CEO of the agricultural and textile export company known as Eucatex, which was founded in 1951 and is responsible for shipping its products to approximately 40 countries around the world. Being an expert in his field of work, the Brazilian businessman provides advice to others who are also looking to join the corporate world. After graduating from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he later took on the challenge of running the family business, which he has been doing successfully. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

He stays on top of the changes that may occur when it comes to the exporting of Brazilian agricultural products, and he recently made a report about how well the foods sell in other countries such as China and several European ones. His findings were that the exports had decreased by 0.7% in the month of July compared to what the numbers were at the same time last year. Flavio Maluf noted that Asian countries had been the main buyers of crops like soybeans over the last year, and that the European Union, which consists of 28 countries, was the 2nd largest destination for Brazilian agribusiness exports, with an increase in sales of orange juice, pulp, soybeans and green coffee in the month of June.

Although Flavio Maluf comes from a wealthy family of politicians, he wanted to develop his own skills by learning how to work as an effective leader in business. His previous work history includes a position at Citicorp, and not only is he the top executive at Eucatex, which is a combination of the words Eucalyptus and textile, the two materials his company’s exports are made from, but he also serves as the President of Grandfood, the manufacturer of the Golden and Premier Pet brand.



Alex Pall: An Innovator in EDM Music

You’re probably no stranger to the bubbly pop melodies produced by The Chainsmokers, an iconic DJ duo that has been taking over the EDM scene since 2014. The Chainsmokers offer a unique sound in the world of EDM and dance music, as evidenced by the human elements they demonstrate in their music. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, the band discussed the success from their track “Closer,” a song that features vocals from Halsey. Here we got to know a little bit more about Alex Pall, one half of the group.

Alex Pall has been DJing for most of his life. Although being a DJ was a somewhat lucrative side gig for Alex, he decided to leave his job at an art gallery and dive into his passion full-time with the help of his manager, Adam Alpert. Initially, Pall attempted to form The Chainsmokers with another DJ named Rhett Bixler, but Bixler left and Andrew Taggart took his place. Alex and Andrew would work tirelessly on producing music after meeting, utilizing Taggart’s producer skills and Pall’s incredible knack for booking gigs and marketing. Their goal in the music industry was not to make trendy pop songs that sounded similar to everything else; they wanted to build a strong identity in their music, and create something that people could relate to. One of the things Pall prides his band on is the fact that they write their own lyrics and collaborate with other vocalists. He strives to break out of the conventional DJ archetype and create something that blurs the lines of dance music. Working with strong vocalists such as Halsey is something that Pall strives to do, and believes this is something that has aided in developing their incredibly diverse fan base.


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Pall strives to create musical experiences that are interactive for his fans, as evidenced in the video for the song “#Selfie.” Every performance should seem new and innovative. Alex Pall is committed to pushing the boundaries of his music, and giving his fans new experiences. This type of energy and commitment is something that sets Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers a cut above the rest.


Anil Chaturvedi holds a degree in Economics from Meerut University in India. He also holds a masters degree in financial management his first career was at development and planning in one of the banks in India, where he was a manager. Anil has gained a lot of experience from New York Banks where he worked for long years. Anil has worked with different banks in India and he has greatly contributed to their growth and they have emerged to be top companies.

Anil has worked in banking sectors and he has played a big role In maintaining the top position in a financial industry. He is also well known top adviser in matters concerning finances. Asil has been of great assistance to the banks by giving them advice and also managing fortunes. Anil Chaturvedi has shown a lot of commitment in the matter concerning finances to many businesses, and this has made him be recognized by many as a mentor.

Anil Chaturvedi through his experience he has worked with different banks and assists them to form a partnership and raising capital. In the State bank, he used to put into service marketing and planning arrangement that was designed at capturing Indian businesses who used to reside in the USA. He came up with putting in place a plan that came as a result of new business which was worth 500milion dollars in a span of 4 years. This project was successful and made him be honored as the man of the year.

In every organization, Anil has worked for he ensures that he leaves with a good name this is seen from the previous banks he has worked for in Europe and America. He has worked for a long time and ensuring that he works to his best and giving good results at all times he also assists the clients to achieve the best. Today, Anil is the managing director in one of the privately owned bank in Hinduja based in Switzerland where he is still making achievement the as a result of effective marketing plans. He is now ensuring that he is making success in bringing business in his home country India from the Indians who reside in Europe.

Waiakea Water, Leading the Way to a Better Environment

A few decades ago, no one would have contemplated buying water. A substance that flows from the tap or is in abundance in nature. In some areas of the world, water is a much higher quality than we are buying now. Bottled water in all its iterations is now a one hundred-billion-dollar industry.

Each bottled water company tries to find the right angle to gain market share. Marketing departments try for that perfect tagline to stand out. Companies claim their water is of the highest quality or have the richest mineral composition. The effort to stand out may be the vitamins added or the filtration process.

Established in 2012, Waiakea Water is a fresh kid on the block. There are a few natural marketing angles the company can exploit. For one, the company is from Hawaii. For some reason, consumers feel anything from the island state is healthy. Second, Waiakea is a Hawaiian name. Again, for some unknown reason, consumers experience a pleasant and fuzzy vibe for companies with the Hawaiian language in their name.

Waiakea Water is unique, the filtering process is Hawaii volcanic water. The filtering is thru a 14,000-foot porous volcanic rock running from the Mauna Loa Volcano.

The impact bottled water leaves on the environment is dreadful. Over eight million tons of plastic is discarded into ocean waters every year. Fifty billion plastic water bottles were used in the United States, last year alone. The figures keep getting worse. Only twenty-three percent of those fifty-eight billion bottles were recycled. That means, thirty-eight billion water bottles pollute the ecosystem, each year!

Waiakea Water is pointing the way in cleaning up the world around us. The business is certified Carbon Neutral. The company also contributes three percent of their revenue to nonprofit organizations in the community. Most important, the company is using bio-degradable bottles.

A typical plastic water bottle takes one thousand years to degrade back into the environment. By 2018 Waiakea will be employing a fully biodegradable bottle. These bottles will degrade back into the environment is a scant fifteen years.

Think about Waiakea Water on your next trip to the grocery store.

GoBuyside: Recruiting Solutions

Inside investment management companies it is very crucial for human resource managers and c-level executives to find improvements to the bottom line. When it comes to the recruitment process it’s imperative that there is cost-effective ideas to a continuing problem of recruiting failures. Several industry experts target the significant shortage when it comes to acquiring seasoned and specialized talent. As with any type of drought, financial talent shortage has been going on for years. That said, practical solutions don’t stick out because of the challenges for the financial industry as a whole. Here are some of the factors that back up this claim:

  • New technologies that are destructive
  • Customer expectations are high
  • Competition is intense
  • Networking is not done effectively when it comes to social and digital worlds
  • Talent availability limited by financial regulatory climates

These above recruitment challenges have been known to affect nearly half of all financial service companies. Of those surveys conducted in the last several years, it shows that 50 to 70 percent of CEOs working in financial services, state that threatened talent shortages actually helped their firms grow. As of today, there are a list of investment management companies using outside consultants to make sure recruiting is on time. This specialized business sector inside the financial industry can include a diverse range of private equity firms, hedge funds, and even fortune 500 businesses.

All of these organizations have managers and executives targeting what’s important, the bottom line. When you have investment management firms that are specialized, it simply means you’re getting the most highly qualified outside recruiting experts. Gobuyside can be found on the short list in the top position. The company is headquartered out of New York and has nearly 500 client companies in 16 countries and 52 cities. While they help clients fulfill temporary specialized positions, Gobuyside allows client businesses to bring on talent for consulting engagements that are part time.


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Wes Edens, A Diversified and Capital Intensive Businessman, is a Shrewd Investor

Investing capital in intensive businesses makes Wes Edens a significant business icon in the world. Wes is associated with Fortress Investment Group which was founded in 1998. Fortress core business at the beginning was a private entity, a division he was in charge for ten years before Soft Bank Corporation bought it in 2017. However, the deal was to the advantage of Wes Eden and his two colleagues since they remained principals, and was paid $3.3 billion. In addition, Fortress Investment Group affairs are run privately mostly controlled by principals.

Sports investment environment is one of the most fluctuating. But, Wes Edens has a unique character of determination, tolerance, and endurance to complicated business scenarios. In the year 2014, he dared the field, parted with $550 million, and acquired the NBA Milwaukee bucks a team in the America first league. He also features in the league of legends backing Esports as the owner of Flyquest. The recent deal to buy co-own 55% shares from the struggling English Premier League side Aston Villa worth $39 million is another impressive investment affair that he hopes to turn around and reap fortunes.

Wes Edens is the owner of a Brightline train, which is the only private train open to the public. The train is a beautiful idea and again asserts his boldness. The railway first drove between Fort Lauderadale , and West Palm Beach. Moreover, it spilt to Miami and now ready to extend to Orlando. The train has given variety to passengers who could have waited either for the public train or drive long distances. The train makes, between 16, and 12 trips a day in every stop, which elaborates the efficiency of the train. This is an entirely new venture for Wes Edens. However, the financial muscle, and the determination to expand is evident from the way he is spreading the venture in major cities. Any average investor cannot do this, it requires a lot of resilience and capital.

Wes Edens has proven to be a guru in the world of finance, and business who has demonstrated resilience even in a harsh business environment. From selling fortress, and remaining one of the principals, acquiring a struggling NBA Milwauke , plus shares in struggling Aston Villa, and eventually investing uniquely in the transport sector through Brightline Train.

The RealReal Knows How To Do Luxury Reselle

Who would have ever thought that the reselling of luxury goods would be a thing? For some time now, the top department stores have been selling luxury items at outrageous prices. Many fashion lovers had accepted this was the only way to get the cutest Chanel purse or Christian Louboutin shoes or a Cartier bracelet. But technology has invaded the fashion industry. Because of this companies are able to offer the best high end fashions to customers in a new format. Furthermore, shoppers are realizing Chanel is Chanel regardless if it comes from Neiman Marcus or the closet of another fashion lover. Therefore, Julie Wainwright struck gold when she launched her company The RealReal that caters to fashion lovers of high end goods.

The consignment market is booming. The consignment market is booming due to how people love sharing their goods and items with other people who share similar styles and tastes. The luxury side of every market is surging. As the founder and chief executive officer of a luxury resell business, Julie Wainwright has got into this market at the perfect time.

She may have started The RealReal from her home. She would travel to the homes of her customers with a U-Haul. This is how The RealReal got its start. The founder is no longer working from her kitchen table. Instead, her company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. She has a team of people who work on the fashion side, as well as the business side. Together, they have been able to create The RealReal into a brand name that is running the luxury fashion resell market. The company made a hundred million dollars last year. The company is on track to out do those numbers this year.

Some may have wondered how has The RealReal grown into such a successful brand in the past four years. The company is the authority on authentication. They have in house authentication specialists that examine every piece of fashion that comes through the door. Customers completely trust that this luxury consignment company knows the real items from the fake.

Understanding the role played by Neurocore in the treatment of various brain disorders

The brain is the most complex piece of matter in the whole universe. For several centuries, scientists have taken on the challenge to understand how the brain functions. Somehow, neuroscientists have managed to unlock several mysteries about this vital organ that controls our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and perceptions. While neuroscientists are doing every bit to understand the nature and working of the brain, there’s more that needs to be uncovered. See more information about Neurocore at

Appreciating the milestones

As much as there are some confusions and misunderstanding of the brain anatomy, we need to appreciate the few achievements by experts in the last few years. There have been advancements in brain mapping, EEG technology and neurofeedback studies that have greatly helped the scientists to understand how the brain works.

A few companies such as the Neurocore have made it their mission to utilize this knowledge to treat various mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, ASD, and ADHD. It has taken years of hard work and research before availing these neurotherapeutic applications to the public.

The genesis of neuroscience

Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani are considered as the fathers of modern neuroscience. In the late 18th century, the two scientists began conducting experiments to learn how the brain works using frogs. Their experiments have contributed significantly to the creation of modern equipment.


The creation of electroencephalogram (EEG) revolutionized neuroscience. This piece of equipment is used to run tests that analyze brain activity using small metal discs. The tests are purely no-invasive. The metal discs are placed on the scalp where they tap electrical impulses from the brain. Traditionally, EEG was used to carry out diagnostic tests for epilepsy, but they are nowadays used for diagnosis and treatment of other brain disorders such as brain dysfunction, sleep disorders, mental maladies and stroke.

Brain mapping background

Brain mapping, also known as quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) refers to a technique of recording the brain activity using a computer. Brain mapping enables clinicians and doctors to obtain results and then compare them with that of other gender or age controlled individuals. Brain mapping enables doctors to observe how slow or fast the brain is functioning, which in turn helps them to determine the cause of the symptoms with the patient. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.