Wes Edens, A Diversified and Capital Intensive Businessman, is a Shrewd Investor

Investing capital in intensive businesses makes Wes Edens a significant business icon in the world. Wes is associated with Fortress Investment Group which was founded in 1998. Fortress core business at the beginning was a private entity, a division he was in charge for ten years before Soft Bank Corporation bought it in 2017. However, the deal was to the advantage of Wes Eden and his two colleagues since they remained principals, and was paid $3.3 billion. In addition, Fortress Investment Group affairs are run privately mostly controlled by principals.

Sports investment environment is one of the most fluctuating. But, Wes Edens has a unique character of determination, tolerance, and endurance to complicated business scenarios. In the year 2014, he dared the field, parted with $550 million, and acquired the NBA Milwaukee bucks a team in the America first league. He also features in the league of legends backing Esports as the owner of Flyquest. The recent deal to buy co-own 55% shares from the struggling English Premier League side Aston Villa worth $39 million is another impressive investment affair that he hopes to turn around and reap fortunes.

Wes Edens is the owner of a Brightline train, which is the only private train open to the public. The train is a beautiful idea and again asserts his boldness. The railway first drove between Fort Lauderadale , and West Palm Beach. Moreover, it spilt to Miami and now ready to extend to Orlando. The train has given variety to passengers who could have waited either for the public train or drive long distances. The train makes, between 16, and 12 trips a day in every stop, which elaborates the efficiency of the train. This is an entirely new venture for Wes Edens. However, the financial muscle, and the determination to expand is evident from the way he is spreading the venture in major cities. Any average investor cannot do this, it requires a lot of resilience and capital.

Wes Edens has proven to be a guru in the world of finance, and business who has demonstrated resilience even in a harsh business environment. From selling fortress, and remaining one of the principals, acquiring a struggling NBA Milwauke , plus shares in struggling Aston Villa, and eventually investing uniquely in the transport sector through Brightline Train.

Understanding the role played by Neurocore in the treatment of various brain disorders

The brain is the most complex piece of matter in the whole universe. For several centuries, scientists have taken on the challenge to understand how the brain functions. Somehow, neuroscientists have managed to unlock several mysteries about this vital organ that controls our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and perceptions. While neuroscientists are doing every bit to understand the nature and working of the brain, there’s more that needs to be uncovered. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

Appreciating the milestones

As much as there are some confusions and misunderstanding of the brain anatomy, we need to appreciate the few achievements by experts in the last few years. There have been advancements in brain mapping, EEG technology and neurofeedback studies that have greatly helped the scientists to understand how the brain works.

A few companies such as the Neurocore have made it their mission to utilize this knowledge to treat various mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, ASD, and ADHD. It has taken years of hard work and research before availing these neurotherapeutic applications to the public.

The genesis of neuroscience

Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani are considered as the fathers of modern neuroscience. In the late 18th century, the two scientists began conducting experiments to learn how the brain works using frogs. Their experiments have contributed significantly to the creation of modern equipment.

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The creation of electroencephalogram (EEG) revolutionized neuroscience. This piece of equipment is used to run tests that analyze brain activity using small metal discs. The tests are purely no-invasive. The metal discs are placed on the scalp where they tap electrical impulses from the brain. Traditionally, EEG was used to carry out diagnostic tests for epilepsy, but they are nowadays used for diagnosis and treatment of other brain disorders such as brain dysfunction, sleep disorders, mental maladies and stroke.

Brain mapping background

Brain mapping, also known as quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) refers to a technique of recording the brain activity using a computer. Brain mapping enables clinicians and doctors to obtain results and then compare them with that of other gender or age controlled individuals. Brain mapping enables doctors to observe how slow or fast the brain is functioning, which in turn helps them to determine the cause of the symptoms with the patient. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Alex Pall Talks About How The Chainsmokers First Met

Alex Pall Backstory

Alex Pall was a DJ during his youth. As his hobby, he would go around New York City being a DJ, earning cash, but more of a passionate side job for him. He talked about how it’s scary being in the city working towards something that you enjoy and doesn’t really feel like work. One day while he was in an art gallery he realized that the music was taking up much of his time and he was ready to commit to it. Alex was already working with the manager they currently have, and he manager introduced Alex and Drew. They stared working together immediately, with Drew moving down from Maine and Alex quitting his regular job. They just took the chance.

Andrew Taggart Backstory

Andrew was in college before the band hooked up. He already had an interest in electronic music and he was kind of on his own wave. Getting picked on for his appreciation of that music style. By the time he left, electronic music was starting to become really popular. He was always into the production side of music. He had a couple songs on SoundCloud and performed at a couple of shows and that was enough to keep him hopeful. He was aware that there were DJs out there making a career out of it. He had an internship at Interscope and was just planning to move to LA to try life as a full time DJ when he wound up hearing about an opening in the Chainsmokers band. He went to meet Alex, and everything instantly fell into place. They worked every day in Alex’s apartment until they got where they needed to be.

Perfect Match

They knew the union would work because they understood what each other had to offer to the group. They were both passionate about the music and extremely driven. They knew the industry really well and what was working and what wasn’t. It was the perfect fit. They were there committed to working together and pushing each other. They are constantly working on the growth of the group as people and the way they present their music.


According To Organo Gold, Coffee Began With A Herd Of Goats


It is hard to believe, but goats discovered coffee. A herd of goats belonging to an Ethiopian goat herder were grazing and ate some coffee beans. After grazing on the beans, the goats would be up all night. The goat herder retold the story about his goats to an abbot of a local monastery. The abbot took the beans and made a drink. The popularity of this drink spread throughout the monastery. Watch this video on Youtube.

Coffee’s next chapter

News of this drink quickly spread to Arabia. This is when the coffee of today began to take shape. Coffee cultivation and trading took place here. Countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Persia, and Syria started to grow coffee. Coffee is now considered a drink to enjoy during social events.

Skeptical Europe

In the 1600s, Organo Gold started to reach Europe. However, people were skeptical regarding coffee’s special effects. The Catholic church condemned coffee until Pope Clement VIII gave his approval. Soon coffee houses were springing up everywhere. Visit Orguniversity.com to know more.

Coming to America

British merchants supplied America with coffee. However, tea was still the preferred drink in the colonies. However, when tea was heavily taxed and the colonists refused to continue to purchase tea, coffee filled the void. To this day, coffee is still one of the most preferred drinks in America.

Supply and demand

Soon, the need for coffee beans was in great demand. Other places besides Arabia were cultivating coffee which led to some friendly competition. Trees were being cultivated in Indonesia. King Louis XIV was given a coffee tree as a gift and planted in the royal garden. The tree grew and is the parent tree to all the trees in South and Central America.

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Guilherme Paulus – Prominent Name in The Latin America’s Travel Sector

Guilherme Paulus is a leading businessman and entrepreneur in Brazil. Forbes lists him as one of the wealthiest Brazilians with a net worth of more than a billion dollars. Guilherme Paulus started CVC, a tour and traveling firm, which went on to become the biggest tour and travel agency in Latin America. The unique and innovative approach towards traveling is what has helped the firm to get a lot of clients. Affordability is one of the key factors that he focuses on. He understands that many people travel and vacation on a budget and providing them with the finest luxury at an affordable price is what he seeks to achieve. Find out more about Paulus at terra.com

Along with being a prominent name in the tour and travel business, Guilherme Paulus also has interests in the hotel industry. He is the founder of if GJP Hotels and Resorts. As the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts, he has been able to guide the hotel to great success in a very short period. He continues to look for something new in the field of tours and travels that he can contribute to or offer to the clients. He started CVC along with a partner, but he left the firm in just a couple of years. After his partner left, he had to go through a lot to revive the company that he started very in his life at the age of 24. Under his guidance, CVC has become one of the major brands in the world of tours and travels.

Guilherme Paulus has helped develop many new travel packages that have gone on to become highly popular among the people because of its simplicity and coverage. Actually, his rise to success began after he founded CVC. He struggled initially but managed to rise through the ashes to conquer the entire travel sector and become an undisputed monopoly. Guilherme continues to expand his travel business and is soon looking to go global. The reason he would be successful is because of the passion that he has for his work and the amount of time and effort that he puts into it.

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OSI Group Grows Under Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a company which is helping transform the global food processing sector. It is anchored on the desire to provide quality and healthy products to its huge clientele base. The firm uses technology to reach out to more people and offer more products. Perhaps one person has been instrumental in the unprecedented growth of this firm. The name of the person is Sheldon Lavin.

He is the Chief Executive officer of this fast-growing company. Since taking over the leadership of this company more than three decades ago, the firm has witnessed unprecedented growth. He has previous experience in the financial services sector where he gained a lot of knowledge in running businesses and sourcing for capital. Sheldon Lavin holds a degree in accounting which gives him a footprint in business management. As a former banker, his entry into food processing industry was a blessing.

He was in a position to use the connections he gained in the banking sector to source the funds needed to grow this firm. He is an active investor with a burning desire to succeed. Resultantly, he actively bought the stock of this company. Eventually, he gained controlling interest and was able to take over the leadership mantle. Sheldon Lavin had a vision of wanting this company going even before he started investing in it. Thus, once he was in charge, he implemented his ideas and drove this firm to success. Since then, the firm has been on an expansion spree and cemented its place in the various markets across the world. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership style has seen him build a company which has received multiple awards due to the high standards he has helped to establish in the food processing sector .

When Sheldon Lavin took over the firm, it was a small company offering its services in a very small area in the United States. However, this was to change after he took over. The company is now a global giant operating in over sixty countries. He has ensured that locals in these nations are involved in the operations of the firm. As such, Sheldon Lavin he enlisted them as suppliers and has hired them to engage in the various marketing activities. That way, the firm is in a position to understand the unique needs of the market. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. It is such a significant milestone in establishing a footprint in the international markets. The company has attracted the admiration of many people. As a result, it has continued to grow and has won many awards.