Whitney Wolfe wants Everyone to Believe Women for a Good Reason

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe is on the front lines again when it comes to women’s rights and protecting women in society. During the recent hearings to determine if Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of rape, Whitney closely followed the situation. She wasn’t interested if Brett Kavanaugh was going to lose his position as a supreme court judge. She was more concerned with the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. She wanted everyone to realize that Christine Blasey Ford was not lying. At least that is what Wolfe believes. Visit this article at techcrunch.com to know more.

The situation concerning Kavanaugh has not been resolved. The FBI is now delving deeper into this matter to find the truth. Meanwhile, Whitney Wolfe is stepping up to let the nation know that they should listen to Ford and any other woman who has a sexual abuse story to tell the world. This is important because Wolfe honestly believes that many women endure this type of tragic situation at some point in time during their life. She now sees Ford’s situation as a wake up call for the nation. She is vocal about letting the country and the world understand this truth.

Whitney Wolfe took out ads in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that encouraged people to believe women. This is important because she realizes that abuse against women must stop. Whitney’s company Bumble is first and foremost a dating site. However, it is also a platform for the current feminist movement that has been with us since 2015. This movement has engulfed the nation and women everywhere are being impacted by it one way or another. Whitney Wolfe is making sure that positive gains are being made for all females living in this era.

Wolfe knows that many women agree with what she is doing. However, they cannot voice their opinion like she can. She is now acting on their behalf. Bumble’s leader is stepping forward to make a difference and she is stepping up change things for the better. That is what she is represents and that is what Bumble is all about.

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