What To Expect From Plastic Surgery & Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas

Dallas is one of America’s most high-profile cities. This metropolis has sporting events, has wonderful neighborhoods, has a ton of excitement and has a plethora of medical institutions. Many of these medical institutions specialize in butt lift surgery. Yes, this is correct! Dallas, Texas, has helped put the Brazilian butt lift on the map to a certain degree thanks to its extraordinary cosmetic surgeons. The Brazilian butt lift is the more popular version of the butt lift, and it will definitely help you fill-out your clothing attire. When you’re proud of your body, you’ll began to enjoy life much more because you’ll have the confidence.


During the actual surgery, your surgeon will be transferring fat into your buttocks. Of the fat is coming from another area of your body. For anyone who considering getting a Brazilian butt lift, you will definitely need to have some extra body weight present. You must also maintain this extra body weight before and after the surgery. Any fluctuations in weight can drastically affect the end results. A good rule of thumb is to drink plenty of water the day before surgery. There are many medical facilities that will provide special financing for its patients, which definitely helps the patient when it comes to total costs. Other things to consider is:


  • Stop Taking Large Amounts of Medications


  • Cut-Down On Drinking Alcohol


  • Stop Smoking Cigarettes



  • And others

Dr. Robert Najera of NAJERA Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery offers advanced procedures, and he’s double board-certified. He has been awarded as The Best Doctor in Dallas for Plastic Surgery in 2013. Dr. Najera also has privileges to work in the Medical Center of Plano and in Forest Park Medical Center.

Organo Gold Distributes Coffee Directly to the Consumer

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Naturally, when Organo Gold started marketing their rich and flavorful coffees there was a marketing waiting in anticipation. Making their coffees even more irresistible, Organo Gold added the Asian herb, ganoderma, which has amazing healing properties.

Now, Organo Gold customers can get the added bonus of improved health with each cup of delicious coffee. Ganoderma has healing properties helping people with heart problems, cancer, liver disorders, allergies, high cholesterol, and HIV/AIDS. Patient undergoing chemotherapy often loses their appetites, feels lethargic and loses their hair; ganoderma helps alleviate those side effects. Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

Organo was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. He and his co-founder, Shane Morand, who supervises the company, set up Organo to operate under the direction of a Scientific Advisory Board. The board consists of a chief medical consultant, Dr. Irma Prado; an ingredient certifier, Dr. Li Xiaoyu, who works out of Organo Gold’s partner company’s offices at the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center in Fujian, China.

Organo Gold distributes its product in a unique manner. It’s not a wholesaler who sells it product to coffeehouses or stores. Instead it distributes its products through the efforts of independent distributors who sell the product directly individual customers in exchange and receive a 50% commission for each sale. Those same independent distributors can build teams as well as set-up recurring sales that yield residual income every time a customer receives a subscription order. Everyone, including the individual distributor, their team and the company receives a share in the overall profits through Organo Gold’s “domino effect” payment system.

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Organo Gold has had great success due to the quality of the gourmet coffees, teas and chocolate sold and the ganoderma herb. It’s added to every product they sell: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soap, tooth paste and the ganoderma supplements. The products are promoted based on the quality of the coffee, tea and chocolate and the benefits of the ganoderma herb. It helps control cholesterol and has antiviral properties. Organo Gold’s products are healthier than most other beverages because of the ganoderma lucidum herb or the mushroom often referred to as Reishi.

Organo Gold made an estimated 35 million in 2010, two years after it was founded. As a multilevel company, it operates in several countries including Canada and the U.S.A., its two headquartered locations. It also has independent distributors in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Peru, Jamaica and the Philippines. Currently, Organo Gold products are being offered in 50 countries. The average distributor will earn $599 per year and in 2010 the top earners earned between $350,000 and $4 million for the year.

Becoming a distributor is a simple and inexpensive process. As a distributor, you would be working with a product that has weathered bad economic times as was illustrated by the steady purchases even in the market downturn the world just endured. From 2009 to 2010, coffee was produced at a rate of 125.2 million bags, making it the second most popular beverage after water.

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