According To Organo Gold, Coffee Began With A Herd Of Goats


It is hard to believe, but goats discovered coffee. A herd of goats belonging to an Ethiopian goat herder were grazing and ate some coffee beans. After grazing on the beans, the goats would be up all night. The goat herder retold the story about his goats to an abbot of a local monastery. The abbot took the beans and made a drink. The popularity of this drink spread throughout the monastery. Watch this video on Youtube.

Coffee’s next chapter

News of this drink quickly spread to Arabia. This is when the coffee of today began to take shape. Coffee cultivation and trading took place here. Countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Persia, and Syria started to grow coffee. Coffee is now considered a drink to enjoy during social events.

Skeptical Europe

In the 1600s, Organo Gold started to reach Europe. However, people were skeptical regarding coffee’s special effects. The Catholic church condemned coffee until Pope Clement VIII gave his approval. Soon coffee houses were springing up everywhere. Visit to know more.

Coming to America

British merchants supplied America with coffee. However, tea was still the preferred drink in the colonies. However, when tea was heavily taxed and the colonists refused to continue to purchase tea, coffee filled the void. To this day, coffee is still one of the most preferred drinks in America.

Supply and demand

Soon, the need for coffee beans was in great demand. Other places besides Arabia were cultivating coffee which led to some friendly competition. Trees were being cultivated in Indonesia. King Louis XIV was given a coffee tree as a gift and planted in the royal garden. The tree grew and is the parent tree to all the trees in South and Central America.