Barbara Stokes- CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC

Disasters mostly come unexpectedly. In the wake of such disasters, there is normally destruction and in most cases will leave people without the supply of basic services. In such situation, government agencies come in to save the people from the effects of the disaster. In most cases, the local community will try to save those affected bit if the disaster is massive, FEMA is normally called in to assist those affected. This is an organization under the Department of Homeland Security that offers a timely response in times of disasters, by first providing the basic needs to those affected. One of the regulations that have been put by the Department of Homeland Security is for safe houses to be built where affected people can stay awaiting farther assistance. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

FEMA works with various organizations to help in disaster management. Some of these organizations are private businesses and contractors. These businesses work together with FEMA in disaster preparedness. They normally respond as directed by this agency. One of the functions of such organizations is to rebuild infrastructure and houses for the affected community. They also provide good and services to the affected people. Among the companies that have worked with FEMA for a long time and has been recognized for its outstanding work is Green Structure Homes Alabama, LLC. Read this article at

Green Structure Homes Alabama, LLC builds modular homes which are designed with the safety needed to meet the guidelines of the safety agency. They build temporary structures which are accessible and are made of very high quality to ensure that they provide comfortable solutions to the people as they wait for their lives to be restored to normalcy. The homes are built in such a way that they have state-of-the-art equipment such as fire sprinkler systems. They are also made with power back up system to ensure that even though the affected areas are cut-off from main power supply people can still enjoy as the relevant authorities are restored. Barbara Stokes heads GSH Alabama. She is the CEO of the company, and his husband is the COO. GSH is registered as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor.