The RealReal Knows How To Do Luxury Reselle

Who would have ever thought that the reselling of luxury goods would be a thing? For some time now, the top department stores have been selling luxury items at outrageous prices. Many fashion lovers had accepted this was the only way to get the cutest Chanel purse or Christian Louboutin shoes or a Cartier bracelet. But technology has invaded the fashion industry. Because of this companies are able to offer the best high end fashions to customers in a new format. Furthermore, shoppers are realizing Chanel is Chanel regardless if it comes from Neiman Marcus or the closet of another fashion lover. Therefore, Julie Wainwright struck gold when she launched her company The RealReal that caters to fashion lovers of high end goods.

The consignment market is booming. The consignment market is booming due to how people love sharing their goods and items with other people who share similar styles and tastes. The luxury side of every market is surging. As the founder and chief executive officer of a luxury resell business, Julie Wainwright has got into this market at the perfect time.

She may have started The RealReal from her home. She would travel to the homes of her customers with a U-Haul. This is how The RealReal got its start. The founder is no longer working from her kitchen table. Instead, her company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. She has a team of people who work on the fashion side, as well as the business side. Together, they have been able to create The RealReal into a brand name that is running the luxury fashion resell market. The company made a hundred million dollars last year. The company is on track to out do those numbers this year.

Some may have wondered how has The RealReal grown into such a successful brand in the past four years. The company is the authority on authentication. They have in house authentication specialists that examine every piece of fashion that comes through the door. Customers completely trust that this luxury consignment company knows the real items from the fake.