The Unique Music of the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a DJ and production team who produce a unique blend of dance music, hip hop and indie pop music. They have produced many singles that have reached the top of major music charts and they have won the Grammy for the Best Dance Recording and several other major American music awards.

The Chainsmokers consist of two members, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. When the production team was formed in 2012, the team consisted of a former DJ, Rhett Bixler and Alex Pall. Soon Andrew Taggart replaced Bixler as a member of the team. At first the team made remixes of Indie bands. Between the years 2013 and 2016, the duo released several singles that reached the top of music charts in the US and the UK.

Alex Pall is the DJ of the Chainsmokers. He was born and raised in New York City. Andrew Taggart is the writer, singer and producer of the singles of the Chainsmokers. He was raised at Freeport in Maine. His love for electronic dance music began at the age of 15 when he travelled to Argentina.

The single ‘Selfie’ by the Chainsmokers was released in 2013. The song reached the top of the dance /electronics chart and was their breakthrough single. In 2015, they released the single ‘Roses’. The single was a major success in the US and in many countries across the world. In 2016 they released a single called ‘Closer’. The song was sung by the singer, Halsey. The song climbed to the top of the charts in the US and the UK. The DJ Magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 DJs gave the 18th rank to the Chainsmokers in 2016.

The first Album of the Chainsmokers was called Memories….. Do Not Open. The album has stayed for over a year at the top of the Billboard’s top dance/ electronic albums chart. The album has been popular with listeners at the Top 40 Radio.

While the Chainsmokers have faced competition in the general music category of music charts, they continue to rule the dance/electronic music category of major music charts.