“CEO Marc Beer Announces The Results Of Renovia’s Series B Funding Round “

Boston, Massachusetts-based Renovia Inc., is a healthcare company that designed and sells the first therapeutic and diagnostic device that is designed to help women who have pelvic floor disorder. They announced towards the end of August that they had successfully completed their Series B round of financing. they raised $42.3 million. Additionally, they took on another $10 million in venture debt. The money they raised will be used to further improve their existing product, perform clinical trials, corporate development, product development, and support their future commercial launches.

The two leaders of the Series B funding round were Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors. Also taking part where Cormorant Asset Management, Western Technology Investment, Inova Strategic Investment, Longwood Fund, OSF Ventures, and Inova Strategic Investments. The advisor for Renovia was Baycross Capital Group.

Marc Beer, Renovia’s co-founder, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer, said that he and his team were gratified that they had the support of these healthcare investment firms. They were like-minded with his own approach to helping the millions of women around the world who have pelvic floor disorder. He said that it was a mix of current and new investors and a confirmation of his company’s clinical and commercial vision.

He went on to say that his company’s proprietary technology and digital health platform provides women with important data that can be used to determine treatment options. Marc Beer said that his company is working to expand knowledge about pelvic floor disorders and their work will ultimately lead to their customers having lower healthcare costs. Renovia’s product has other products under development to treat pelvic floor disorders including one that is a therapy for urinary incontinence.

Around 250 million women around the world suffer from urinary incontinence. Renovia was established in 2016 in order to treat this and other causes of pelvic floor disorder. Their first product received FDA approval and has had a highly positive impact on the women who have used it. It is a cost-effective treatment that women can use to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Marc Beer has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. He is highly skilled at product development and commercialization. His business partners who co-founded Renovia with him are Dr. Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. He had also founded ViaCell in 2000 and was that firm’s chief executive officer. This was a firm in the biotechnology sector that processed and stored umbilical cord blood stem cells, turning them into a form of medicine. He sold this company in 2007 to PerkinElmer. Other companies that Marc Beer has worked for include Abbot Laboratories, Good Start Genetics, Inc., Genzyme, and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


Alex Pall: An Innovator in EDM Music

You’re probably no stranger to the bubbly pop melodies produced by The Chainsmokers, an iconic DJ duo that has been taking over the EDM scene since 2014. The Chainsmokers offer a unique sound in the world of EDM and dance music, as evidenced by the human elements they demonstrate in their music. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, the band discussed the success from their track “Closer,” a song that features vocals from Halsey. Here we got to know a little bit more about Alex Pall, one half of the group.

Alex Pall has been DJing for most of his life. Although being a DJ was a somewhat lucrative side gig for Alex, he decided to leave his job at an art gallery and dive into his passion full-time with the help of his manager, Adam Alpert. Initially, Pall attempted to form The Chainsmokers with another DJ named Rhett Bixler, but Bixler left and Andrew Taggart took his place. Alex and Andrew would work tirelessly on producing music after meeting, utilizing Taggart’s producer skills and Pall’s incredible knack for booking gigs and marketing. Their goal in the music industry was not to make trendy pop songs that sounded similar to everything else; they wanted to build a strong identity in their music, and create something that people could relate to. One of the things Pall prides his band on is the fact that they write their own lyrics and collaborate with other vocalists. He strives to break out of the conventional DJ archetype and create something that blurs the lines of dance music. Working with strong vocalists such as Halsey is something that Pall strives to do, and believes this is something that has aided in developing their incredibly diverse fan base.


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Pall strives to create musical experiences that are interactive for his fans, as evidenced in the video for the song “#Selfie.” Every performance should seem new and innovative. Alex Pall is committed to pushing the boundaries of his music, and giving his fans new experiences. This type of energy and commitment is something that sets Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers a cut above the rest.


Clayton Hutson Helped the Kid Rock Tour

Since Clayton Hutson has been helping people with musical opportunities, he’s learned the right way to orchestrate different events. He always works hard to show people they can get better and their shows will continue being the best no matter what they do. For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping artists like Kid Rock is giving them a chance to see they can perform even better than they used to. He always tries helping people so he can show them that their music has so many opportunities to keep getting better. He always wants to make sure people see him as someone who can truly help them with the music they make. He’s an engineer and spends a lot of time working to figure out which music will work best in each situation he’s in. His effort works to help people with different tastes. From Kid Rock to the Chainsmokers, Clayton Hutson knows what to do to make their music better. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Clay/Hutson


Now that Clayton Hutson completed the tour with Kid Rock, he received a huge thank you. It was one of the best tours Kid Rock ever went on and Clayton Hutson knew he did things the right way. Clayton Hutson liked giving people a chance to try different things and knew there were opportunities he could use to make things better for all the people he worked with. Between the hard work he put into things and the options people had to be successful with their music, Clayton Hutson knew just what to do to make things better.


No matter what Clayton Hutson did to help Kid Rock and other artists, he knew there were things that would keep getting better for all the artists. He also knew things would keep changing for those who used the right kind of performances. Clayton Hutson liked people to see he could do things and liked everyone to realize they had someone who was truly helping them with all the issues they had. Clayton Hutson gives back in different situations and that helps him make the right choices for the music he always likes performing.


Who is Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers?

Alex Pall is a young man who grew up in the New York music scene filling his way through life. He started on the path of a local DJ but had a passion for more and was wise enough to pursue it. After he connected with Andrew Taggart in 2012, The Chainsmokers was reformed as artists of dance music but they quickly realized that they don’t want to stay in one genre. Their love of music combined will have blended sounds of hip hop, indie, electric, pop and more for their fans and viewing audience. With their unique spin on the music industry, Alex and Andrew have been topping the music charts for a long time!

Alex Pall was raised by his mother who was a housewife and father who is an art dealer in Westchester County, New York. It is no surprise for him to be found in the art galleries from time to time, even when he first met Andrew Taggart. The group was originated with Alex and DJ Rhett Bixler, before his manager introduce him to Andrew. Adam Alpert, his manager and the band’s current manager, introduced them at an art gallery and the duo have been together as The Chainsmokers.

Alex has already made a name for himself in the romance world with a cheating scandal that recently came about this year. His current girlfriend at the time, Tori Woodard, was probably one of the few women to live out one of their songs which wasn’t taken seriously by Alex! “Don’t Let Me Down” was it exactly what Alex did to Tori by allegedly cheating on her. She actually released footage to prove his cheating capabilities and wanted to make sure she warned other women to be aware and observant. This came about in January but in March he was seen with a new girlfriend, Katelyn Byrd. I’m not sure if he moves fast or if he learned his lesson or not but as many people say “Life Goes On! “

This dynamic duo has put out so many hits that we know that their career is going to last a very long time. Millennials as well as middle age music lovers have all tuned in and paid attention to the path that The Chainsmokers are on in this industry. I look forward to more of what they have to offer us in the near future.