William Siato: Japanese-American tech businessman and venture capitalist

William Saito is a Japanese-American businessman and a cybersecurity expert. For many years, he has been in the tech world. From as early as ten years, he was doing computer programming. In college, he had his own software company. The company engaged in various projects in collaboration with top companies in the world. He collaborated with Sony to create fingerprint authentication tools. At the age of 34, he sold his company to Microsoft. He even earned recognition as Ernest &Young Entrepreneur of the year in 1998.


William Saito has even published a book entitled “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” The book contains details of his early life in business. He joined a business in the 1980s and has a lot of experiences to share with young entrepreneurs.


Saito grew up near Silicon Valley. As a tech enthusiast, he was impressed by personal computing innovations which were going on. He wanted to have his contributions and therefore made an early initiative to acquire a personal computer.


William Saito was never good with the English language, and therefore he spent most of his time doing things around engineering. He would engage in computing activities out of fun. For instance, he learned how to break copy protection as part of fun activities.

Saito’s involvement with cybersecurity and governmental initiatives led him to lead a successful career. He has worked with the United States and Japan governments. The environment in which he also grew up in influenced who he is today. He grew up at a time when personal computing innovations were taking shape. He also enjoyed the benefits of being near Silicon Valley.


William Saito’s expertise was recognized by big corporations such as Giuliani Corporation and Japan Institute of Advanced Science and technology. As it later happened, his innovations attracted the like of Microsoft which bought his company.


Supporting entrepreneurs

William Saito is actively involved in delivering advice to budding entrepreneurs. He shares important tips with entrepreneurs such as; they should not be worried about failing in their startup businesses. It is the mistakes that they make that prepares them for bigger breakthroughs. Startups do not have to be 100 percent successful, but they can prepare one for future success.




Why Eric Lefkofsky Is A Man Of Great Achievements

Advancement in technology has seen transformation occur in various fields. Despite the milestones that have been achieved by using technology, a big challenge lies in the health sector. No program has been developed to incorporate data and technology with the aim of battling cancer. Eric Lefkofsky has taken up the challenge by co-founding Tempus. Tempus has been developed in such a way that it uses technology, data collected from cancer patients, and the treatments used to come up with some more effective drugs.

The platform uses analytics software to streamline the clinical data collected from the cancer patients so that it can be digitized. The data will be used to create an organized database for cancer patients. After performing whole genome sequencing, the company will develop a genomic database that will be used to come up with precision medicine to help the patients manage the disease better. The new technology will be a big achievement for Eric Lefkofsky since he is passionate about assisting patients battling cancer together with their loved ones.

He started off his career after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1991. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he went to Law School to get his Juris Doctor degree. Four years later, he graduated from Law school but he did not want to practice. He chose to embark on the entrepreneurship journey he is on now. His journey commenced in 2001 when he established branding company called InnerWorkings. In 2004, he founded Echo Logistics which was a logistics company.

Two years later, Eric decided to venture into financial investments and founded Media Bank. Business in the financial investment sector was working out well for him, and five years later, he founded Lightbank. Besides being a successful businessman, Eric Lefkofsky takes the time to give back to the community. He serves at the board of Lurie’s Hospital, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Art Institute in Chicago. Having worked in different universities as a lecturer, he currently serves as an adjunct professor in the School of Business at the University of Chicago.