Entrepreneurs Like William Saito Don’t Blame, They Solve

There are two common mindsets. One of them is more conducive to success than the other. One of the common mindset is that of fault and blame. This type of mindset is commonly held by people who are not very successful. When something goes wrong, they look for ways to point the finger at someone. This results in playing the blame game and shaming. The issue with this is that it does not solve the problem, especially if the wrong person is blamed. Also, blame is based on the past. It does very little to move people forward in business or other aspects of life.

The other mindset is the type of mindset that entrepreneurs like William Saito have. This is the mindset of solutions. When people have that type of mindset, they look at issues in ways of what they can do to solve it. When they hit a challenge or something that goes wrong, they think about what they can do to solve the issue. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs like William Saito do not put much if any energy into blaming or finding fault. He is so passionate about this approach that he has recommended in his article that people stop playing the blame game when they interact with the victim.

William Saito lays out the possibilities of responses to blaming the victim. One thing that the victim may do because of being showered with blame is that he may hide breaches. The worst thing to do to a victim is to make him feel like he has to hide from the very group that is supposed to protect him, especially after he has been victimized by a cyber-attack. William implies that the best way to stop a cyber-attack or security breach involves not blaming the victim.