The Inspiring Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines

Only a few individuals in the world have the luxury of owning a vineyard and making wine that is distributed around the globe. Julia Jackson is one of the few. She has always had an interest in wine from a young age. Her parents, Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson, encouraged her and her siblings to pick and sort grapes from the vineyard, and as she grew up, her interest in wine grew with her. Her father would always emphasize the importance of hard work. She has inculcated her work ethics to become the success and inspiration that she is today. Julia now helps the Jackson Family Wines international sales team to introduce her family’s wines to lovers of wine around the world.

Education and Career

Her days working at the family vineyard in France instilled in her the values of working for what she wants in life, and this steered her during her education. She attended Scripps College between 2006 and 2010, where she excelled in her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She later attended the Stanford Business School’s Summer Institute of General Management. She started working full time in the family business from September 2010 and co-founded Rex Apps.

She also the founder of the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This is a nonprofit program that celebrates women who have overcome hardships to be successful and also inspire other women to rise above the challenges in their communities. The program awards nonprofit organizations that uphold its pillars of community, equality, and spirit with $100,000 annually.

Jackson Family Wines

Julia has taken up the family business and is constantly seen hanging out with celebrities with the aim of marketing her family brand of wines. Vineyard Pinot Noir got the prestigious Wine of the Year award in 2010 by Wine Enthusiast. The Cambria Winery, part of Jackson Family Wines, uses small-lot practices allowing them to focus on individual clones, soil types, vineyard parcels, which when coupled with excellent winemaking practices make some of the best wines in the world.

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Traveling Vineyard: Beyond Tasting Wine

France has some of the best tourist destinations in the world especially for wine lovers. However, visiting the various locations in France and having the fun are two different things. Finding the right place that meets your tastes and preferences is crucial is making your journey to France worth the time and money spent. Traveling Vineyard has stepped in the information gap to offer important tips on some of the best holiday destinations and activities in France especially for wine tourists.

If you opt not to purchase your wine from the local store or Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide and made the journey to France, then Champagne might just be the right place to excite your taste buds. With prior notice, you can taste wine for free in Champagne Tribaut or even enjoy the serene ambience in the countryside farmhouses.

French wine regions have never lost their picturesque touch despite centuries of churning out bottles upon bottles of some of the best wines in the world. Burgundy is no different. The area, in addition to its picturesque touch, is renowned globally for its topnotch red and white wines. Alsace offers more than just countryside serenity and excellent wine experience; it has some of the best hotels in the area. Bordeaux welcomes wine lovers with its numerous chateaux, which wine lovers can visit during public open days or on special request. If wine and roses are your combination of the best holiday then Provence offers the best of both worlds. However, Traveling Vineyard can bring these wine experiences at the comfort of your home through their virtual wine route services.

Tasting Wine for an Income

Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 and has grown in leaps and bounds to become a leading travel and tour guide company specializing in wine tasting. Its unique business model has seen the company expand its operations beyond Ipswich, Massachusetts where it is headquartered. The wine guides, which signup with the company usually work from home and are paid to taste wine in a direct selling and entertaining approach to business. The wine guides benefit greatly from the app provided by the company, which has winery and business management lessons. Customers can have their wines delivered to them at their convenience.

Jackson Family Winemaker’s Vintage Life Lessons Still Flourishing

Julie Jackson’s education in wine-making started early. Her father, legendary winemaker Jess Jackson, raised her around the business – as a kid she picked and sorted grapes and she cleaned tanks and filters.

It has helped her become an integral part of Jackson Family Wines, one of the largest family-owned winemakers in the country. Today, she works in the marketing department and international sales team for Sonoma County-based Jackson Family Wines.

But her family’s influence – both father and mother – has also led her to reach beyond the wine business to make a difference in the world.

So Jackson, who is not yet 30, founded the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. The organization awards $100,000 a year to non-profits and “celebrates remarkable women leaders and charitable organizations,” according to its website.

“The wine business is very male dominated, even in California,” Jackson told the Breakthru Beverage Group. “We want to celebrate those who exemplify great success but are also authentic.”

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Born in 1988, Jackson graduated from Scripps College and pursued graduate studies at Stanford University. Her taste for the wine business was nourished by working a grape harvest abroad in Bordeaux. After college, she studied further in France, where she honed her business acumen.

She knows her wine. Jullia Jackson states that Cabernet is one of the best wines produced in Sonoma County. And her family’s Verite has been recognized as one of the best. Jackson Family Wines also produces Kendell-Jackson.

In addition to great wines, Jackson Family Wines is also a leader in sustainable farming and drought-mitigation measures, according to The New York Times.

“In terms of honoring my father’s legacy, it’s all about keeping it within the family,” she told Breakthru Beverage. “So long as the planet is healthy, my family wants to stay in the wine business and keep making quality products.”

The Traveling Vineyard; How It Creates Money-Making And Fun-Filled Opportunities Through Wine Sampling

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company. It specializes in wines as well as wine accessories. Also, it offers the opportunity for working away from the more traditional 9am-5pm model. It provides the chance of working from home.

The model has been in operation since 2001. Whoever wants to take part in the program, and make some money, has to buy its startup kit. The startup kit has everything a taster needs for the initial two tasting events.

How does The Traveling Vineyard’s business model work?

The Traveling Vineyard has a great business model. The model allows it to offer more personalized support. The model is specifically designed for people interested in tasting wine and making money while at it.

First, you buy its starter kit as previously stated. The kit has everything you need to taste wine from Traveling Vineyard. You’re free to use the equipment in the company of your friends. Alternatively, you can also apply to be a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.

All wine tasters/guides must be 21 years old, or more.

What are its benefits?

There are many advantages associated with Traveling Vineyard. First, it enables you to taste excellent wine. Second, it gives you the opportunity to host fun-filled wine tasting events that you can invite your friends and loved ones to attend.

Also, the experience enables wine guides to improve their wine tasting skills and knowledge. Guides have the chance of building a successful career that’s not only full of fun but also financially rewarding.

What are some reasons one would benefit from participating in The Traveling Vineyard?

Mostly, the host gets to entertain his guests with:
a) educative wine tasting experience
b) excellent sampling
c) exclusive wines

What can you tell from their social media presence?

Traveling Vineyard interacts with informs its customers through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. In all these social media platforms, it seeks to give more opportunities for wine sampling and income generating activities to individuals who would like to work with it.